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MineSite Security Innovations Pty Ltd (MSI) provides security solutions when others have failed; providing a one stop shop our ethics and professional delivery of service creates confidence while making it simple for all stakeholders.

We specialise in Forensic, Conventional, Covert and Overt Security products as well as a wide spectrum of RFID / GPS products and NDT testing equipment to meet the demands of Health and Safety legislation. If all this confuses you then our Consultation Services will enthuse you with the thought that finally, you can fight back against the criminal and win.

MSI are unique in their approach and by constantly evolving and introducing powerful bespoke products we ensure that our customers stay several steps ahead of the criminal and benefit significantly from unprecedented crime reductions.

MSI specialise in the supply of very real forensics which are more robust and accurate than your own DNA and combined with our “complete” strategies are evidenced to “remove” the criminals “will” to commit crime “before” any crime has taken place, simply because the risks of capture and conviction are too great.

For those customers who choose to stick with conventional security we also provide a prolifery of reputable products, both overt and covert.

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